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What We Do 

We connect business strategy and people through sensitive and thoughtful communication.

With a significant background in branding strategy, marketing, theater, DEI, and clinical social work, we bring a unique lens to communication strategy, and especially communication around difficult or emotionally charged areas including race, ethnicity, religion, language of origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, mental health, socio-economic status, differing abilities and more.

We work in close partnership with executive leaders, communication teams, HR teams, consultants and agencies in the ways detailed below.

Business & Communications Strategy
with a Social Justice Lens

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Communication with a Focus on Inclusion 

Strategic Brand Communications

Ensuring your brand and your vision and mission for DE&I work together is essential for your employees, your customers, your Board, your investors, and your community partners. We have expertise in external brand, internal brand, and employment brand. 

Assessment: Data Collection & Analysis

Strategy is nothing without assessment, and assessment is nothing without an expert ear. We execute executive interviews, focus group facilitation, and surveys with the goal of sensitively listening to the experiences and perspectives of your customers or workforce. 

Brainstorming & Facilitation Workshops

We help inspire groups to think in new ways, name products or services (or the whole darn company), or work out issues of communication. 

Cultural humility guides our approach to revealing and expressing difference across many different lenses: race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, culture, language of origin, ability, and more. 

DE&I Communications

Working with outstanding people.


Tracy Barac, Global View Communications

"Katie has provided us with groundbreaking creative ideas. She never disappoints with imaginative solutions to business problems. Katie has a great work ethic and an awesome sense of humor." 
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