We offer a range of marketing and communications services, all with the ultimate goal of forging a great partnership with you to help make your business more successful. 

Outsourced Marketing Direction

Are you finding business slipping away from you because you don't have a solid marketing plan or approach? Is a full-time marketing director too expensive? Or are you looking for an interim marketing director who can be up to speed on your business in no time? 

Leeman Communications Collaborative can help you set up a sustainable marketing strategy from scratch, or manage a complex marketing plan with multiple players and staff. We make sure your marketing strategy is completely integrated into your organization's goals and business plan. 


We have extensive experience in:

  • branding

  • market research

  • content creation

  • social media strategy

  • media planning

  • and web/digital strategy.  

Having worked across many industries including financial services, high tech, health insurance, higher education and the arts for over 16 years, we bring best thinking from every sector to your business. 

Communications Strategy and Coaching
Creative Direction and Content Creation

Do you need your message to break away from the ordinary and really capture people's attention? Inventive creative and copywriting helps! Whether you need to stay on brand or go in a wild new direction, LCC can help make your message sing. 

We work as a team with your designers or ours and help deliver eye-catching, effective and integrated creative projects.


Our experience includes:

  • websites

  • custom magazines

  • annual reports

  • video

  • podcasts

  • webcasts

  • live events

  • all types of marketing collateral (brochures, flyers, direct mail, invitations, etc.)

  • white papers

  • and much more!

Communications Strategy and Coaching

Are you finding it challenging to communicate with your customers, clients, partners or employees? Successful internal and external communication strategies require different approaches and we can help you with both


The way your organization communicates internally can be critical for customer retention. Why? Because happy, supported, informed employees equals happy customers. However, making sure this is set up to succeed in your organization is harder than it sounds. It often requires major structural, strategic and communication flow changes. We have experience doing the tough work of revolutionizing internal communication in organizations large and small. 

And if you are personally struggling with being an effective communicator at work, we offer 1:1 sessions focusing on public speaking, staff coaching/feedback, mediation and conflict resolution. Our approach is grounded in nearly 15 years of improvisational comedy training, many years of leading staff and clients, as well as techniques cultivated from our educational background in organizational behavior and mediation and conflict management.